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We tailor all of our plans to suit the needs of you and your business. Based on the number of support hours you want, our plans include a range of services.

The chart below gives an idea of the kinds of support we could offer within each plan, including a number of star features we feel are key to evolving your online presence. If you're unsure what level of support you need, speak to one of our experts today and we can tailor a package for you.




Perfect if you want us to set you up with the tools you need to do your digital marketing.


Just the ticket if you want us to set up the tools you need and give you some support with your activities.


Great if you want to outsource your digital marketing activities.


£499 pcm

£999 pcm

£2,499 pcm

Listening, measuring and reporting (so you can evaluate your digital performance and ROI)

Set up site and social analytics and customer dashboards


Set up listening tools and feeds (social, news feeds, etc.)


Develop monthly report template


Bi-annual review


2-hour analytics training


Monthly teleconference


Deliver monthly site performance and campaign reports


Monthly planning meeting (Strategy), if required


Researching the digital landscape for your product/service (+ report)


Lead/sales source tracking and reporting


Strategic review


Production of strategy


Website optimisation/maintenance (ensure your website is working well and you are ranking well against competitors)

On-going on-site optimisation


On-going technical optimisation


User experience review and recommendations


Monthly keyword review to include ‘voice search’, where appropriate


Monthly link building opportunities report


Ongoing competitor analysis


Conversion rate optimisation (A/B and multivariate)


Develop inbound links


Keyword research (including ‘voice’, if appropriate)


Campaign landing page design and optimisation


Content strategy (creation and marketing)


Content research and strategy


Tactical content plan


Develop content (blogs, graphics, emails, banners, ads, presentations)


Content dissemination (all new content including blogs, emails, etc.)


Advice on client email marketing




Advice and set-up of social accounts (if needed)


Social media research and strategy


Management of social channels and curation of third party content (engagement)


Management of social channels, content curation and dissemination of client content (driving traffic to website)


Develop social content and monthly plan



Research and campaign set-up (including reporting)


Paid advertising on social channels (social PPC)


Paid advertising on search engines (search PPC – Adwords)


Management of digital advertising campaigns (display)



Package details
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Our digital marketing packages explained

  1. To simplify our offering, and to make it easy for our clients to understand what they’re getting, we’ve put together three pay monthly digital marketing packages.
  2. Our digital marketing packages have been designed based on our extensive experience of working with companies of all sizes and levels of experience in digital marketing.
  3. We recognise that one size doesn’t necessarily always fit all, so we’re more than happy to discuss your requirements with you if you don’t feel that you need all the elements in one particular package. We will help you choose from the menu of options so we can create a bespoke, tailored package that meets your needs perfectly.
  4. We recommend starting off with a minimum of three months in order to see the benefits fully.


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I work on my own as the marketing manager at Candlelight Care and simply can’t manage everything. Working with Strategycom has meant that I can benefit from Strategy’s digital expertise which leaves me free to focus on my other marketing activities.

Linda Stares, Marketing Manager at Candlelight Care


Working with Strategycom has allowed us to get the most out of our digital marketing. We’ve been able to continue doing the things that we feel confident doing but have handed all our social media activities, analytics and reporting over. We’ve been able to remain flexible by changing the elements that Strategycom does for us depending on our requirements.

Nicola Bullen, Co-Founder/Director at ‘For All Our Wellbeing’ C.I.C


As part of a deliberate strategic approach we  outsourced our digital marketing activities for a recent national contract run by our sister company, Health Management, to Strategycom. Strategycom allowed us to work with an organisation which is large enough to be able to manage a complex national program effectively whilst remaining agile enough to provide the kind of immediate turnaround to requests which marketers can usually only hope for. As a result, Strategycom has become an integral part of our marketing team. Outsourcing these activities to a specialist agency has proved to be a cost -effective way for us access cutting edge thinking, which isn’t always present in in-house teams. Digital marketing is now a key methodology in our marketing activities.

Phil Kirk, Head of UK Marketing, Maximus UK




Before we start working with you

Before we can get cracking with your digital marketing, we need to get an idea of where you are at, what you have already set up and where you want to go.

Some preparatory work may be required to get you started. If you’re on the StrategyFull package, then these elements of work come as standard but if you’re benefiting from the StrategyLite or StrategyMid options, you may want to consider getting us to help you with some of the following:



Strategic review (discovery) and production of strategy

We always recommend undertaking a strategic review when we first start providing digital marketing services so we can identify what you want to achieve. This helps us to narrow down our activities to focus on those that will benefit your organisation the most.

Keyword research

Keyword research is key to identifying how your target market searches for services or products like yours. By carrying out this research we can ensure that your site is optimised to perform well in search and provide useful pointers when developing site copy or new content.

Researching the digital landscape for your product/service

Before launching into digital activities, it’s important to understand the digital routes to your target market. What’s the best way of communicating digitally with potential customers? Which social channels do they use? Who can help to influence your market on your behalf, and how can they be reached? What are the opportunities for publishing content that will be read, shared and acted upon?

Website and competitor review

Our website review will look at your website in terms of its technical functionality and user experience (UX) and identify initial areas for improvement, including technical and content optimisation. We also look at the performance of your competitors to work out what needs to be done to your website to ensure it can compete effectively in the digital space.




Additional services

Irrespective of which package you choose, there may well be some additional services you need. We would be delighted to help:


  1. We have completed over 50 website reviews for clients who are looking to optimise their websites for overseas markets (e.g. optimisation, SEO, accessibility and responsivity).

    We employed Strategycom to help our clients develop their digital capabilities in overseas markets. This project was a great success and many of the companies Strategycom have worked with are now seeing significant new business from new export markets.
    Rob Harvey, Head of International Business, Business West

  2. Whether you need support with design or copy, we can help you produce engaging, shareable content that will help you spread the word (video, presentations, events, thought leadership pieces, white papers, etc.)

  3. The use of mobile devices is on the increase and the use of apps is outstripping the use of websites. Developing your own app has a whole host of advantages, including complete freedom in terms of design and personalisation (see our website for more information). 

  4.  We can provide intelligence about the visitors to your and where they came from to enable you to understand the channels that are bringing about conversions.

  5. If you’ve not handed your digital marketing activities over to us entirely, there may be times when you need help with various activities such as interpreting Google Analytics or making the most of your social channels. We can put together bespoke training sessions to meet your needs.

  6. We can help you craft compelling messages with clear calls to action so you can engage with your database of contacts and encourage sales or repeat purchases.

  7. There are many reasons why you might want to carry out quantitative or qualitative research in order to inform the business decisions you make. We can help you.