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We love websites. We love designing them, developing them, optimising them and generally making them work, look and read better. Whether you’re after a few small tweaks to make your site load faster, want help with your eCommerce management system or are looking for a complete design and content overhaul, we can help. Through creating a picture of who your site’s users are and what they want to achieve, we can minimise the number of clicks it takes for each group to reach their goals. We can also give you more than one design concept to choose from, test how well various approaches work and give you access to a staging site so you can see exactly where we’re at. And as we know there’s nothing worse than encountering bugs on your site, we adopt a thorough approach to testing, both pre- and post-launch. 


Getting the right content management system (CMS) for your site is vital. After years of careful research, we’ve opted for the open source PHP framework Symfony and its most developed CMS, The Sonata Project. As this framework is essentially a set of bundles that allow anything to be removed or created, the sky’s the limit in what we can achieve. Managing users and the content they can access, creating unlimited page hierarchies and easy to edit blogs and pages are just some of things Sonata can do, and with our support, once your site is developed, you can manage it yourself. But our love for Symfony doesn’t mean to say we can’t support other CMSs such as Drupal or Wordpress. We currently manage various sites that use other systems and will happily help you discover the CMS that works best for you.   


Some things just work better on an app. Our bespoke apps are compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices and are fully customisable to incorporate your brand identity and values. We can add as many or as few features as you like, but always ensure that the custom touch screen interface remains easy on the eye and the fingers – meaning it doesn’t take many clicks to get where you want to go. Our apps are also fully integrated with our CMS and can work both offline as well as online. 


We’re a friendly bunch here at Strategy, so even though we already host hundreds of websites, email and core applications such as cloud storage, we’ve always got room for more. Our servers have an excellent track record in terms of security, uptime and speed and we’re available to help should anything go wrong. And yes, we always, always back up.